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Some important aspects when designing a modera office system are ergonomist, functionality and flexibility. With these aspects uncorporated into the design, we will create a system that will enhance your worktime efficiency and one that will always bringout the best in you.


A complete operative system that combines aesthetics with functionality. Modern office system comprises of various desks, practical returns, storage cabinets and meeting tables. Everything you need in optimizing your office space and efficiency. Complementary storage pedestal are available in mobile and fixed drawers with castors and anti-tilt mechanism.


Modera has been known for its high quality office furntures, the quality of its materials and finishing with satisfy every individual's needs.

- Heat Resistant

- Resistant to chemivals and household

cleaning products

- Colourfast under artificial light

- Impact resistant

- Crack resistant

- Scratch resistant

- Easy to clean

- Resistant to cigarette burns

- Abrasion resistant