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Conference Table

MT-4420 MH : 440 x 200 x 75 cm
MT-3215 MH : 320 x 150 x 75 cm

Color : Mahogany - Black
Top Table Thick : 25 mm with PVC edging
Table Leg : Pole 4" with silver coating
Electric Equipment : Optional

A quality conference table will make the impression you want in any professional space. These are crafted in modern shapes, ergonomics and sizes to meet the needs of a high-profile office setting. Each is crafted for every possible use from employees meetings to client presentions. each conference table is built to order allowing custom adaptions for specific and wiring needs in your conference room.

Cable management has been built-in throughout the colletion ensuring discreet and effective stroge of wiring. Electronic devices such as computer,projector or video conferencing equipment connects to power and data outlets concealed in the wired conference table top. Available in a great selection of sizes, our conference table will survey fit your comfort, utility, and decor hence,Modera conference table is your right choice.

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